Ow Does Autism Affect Social Development in Adolescents

Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to: a) familiarize yourself with reliable scientific sources beyond your textbook; b) explore the views of others while comparing them to your own; c) gain experience in writing in APA style; and d) further develop an area of your own interest.

To help with these goals, each student will research a current topic related to general psychology and write a paper on the topic. The paper will be at least five and no longer than eight typed pages (double spaced, 12 point New Roman font). The final page of the paper will be your reference page. APA formatting is required. Students should use the following as headings in the paper:

Explanation of Topic

– In this section of the paper, the topic (or issue) will be clearly stated and described comprehensively.

Views of the Experts

– Students will select information from reliable scientific sources and clearly state the opinion of the authors of the research. Students will then state the bias of the authors. For example, were the authors of the study basing their findings on recent research? Was the research sample large enough to make the conclusions the researchers were making? Did the question the researchers were answering lend itself to an unbiased result?

Studentas Position

– Students should state their own position on the topic, taking into consideration NOT ONLY their own experience, but also incorporating the most recent research on the topic into their reasoning.

Implications and Future Research

– Based on the research and the studentas interest, the student should present ideas for overall societal implications and where future research should focus. For example, when researching the topic, were there obvious gaps? Did the current research answer some questions but not others? Was research available, but more research needed to be conducted based on another part of the population? (i.e. the research available was based on adult subjects, but the issue impacts children as well).

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and APA Format
The studentas paper should be free from grammar, punctuation, spelling, and APA formatting errors.