Ow does cancellation of the One Child Policy affect the China Economy?


The first page should give the essay title, your name and student number as well as a word count. All pages of your essay should have a page number printed on it. You might want to include a list of contents before the main body of the essay. The essay should have the following structure:

i · Title page

The title need not be identical to the question that you are studying. In fact, it is probably best if the two do not coincide. For example, a?Discuss the reasons of underdevelopment. Can you suggest a way out of the problem?a? is not a good title. It might be natural for a lecturer to use such a formulation when suggesting a topic for an essay. But this does not mean that you should use exactly that formulation as the title of your final essay. Instead of the title above one could, for example, use a?Reasons for underdevelopment: A discussiona? or a?Ways out of the underdevelopment problem.a?

i · Introduction

An effective introduction will map out the course that you will be taking the reader on in your essay. Make sure that you motivate your essay question a? why this is an interesting question and why do we care. Your introduction should also explain exactly what the

essay will be about and how it will be structured. The reader needs to know early on what he or she can expect to find in your essay, and where in the essay he or she can find some particular discussion.

i · Main section

This part is the meat of your essay. State clearly assumptions that are underlying your analysis and include definitions as well as brief explanations of key concepts (you can assume that the reader knows the level of economics that you do). Present your arguments in a coherent and logical order. Suba?sections are often very useful for this purpose. In general, you should aim to bring related material together under a general heading. Organize your material in sections that relate logically to each other. Be sure to explain the intuition for results rather than enter into unnecessary details. Discuss how the results from the literature can be used and why they are important to answer the question that you are trying to analyze. Including tables with supporting data and figures with illustrations is usually extremely helpful (be sure to number tables and figures for easier reference). If you provide mathematical formulas, always make clear what variables in them mean (e.g., A±i: random return on asset i). Moreover, it usually is helpful to restate verbally what an equation means. Be consistent in your notation (and do not just copy formulas from various sources without thinking about how they relate). Always make clear where relevant information can be found in your essay (e.g., pointing out that the summary statistics are given in table 4; referring to equation (4); etc.).

i · Conclusion

This section should summarize the main points of your essay and wrap up the sequence of ideas that you presented in a neat package. You might want to give an outlook on what open questions remain or briefly point out caveats. For example, include in your discussion what assumptions the theories you presented required and how results would be likely to change if one modified them, what implications for the broader topic the presented theories have, how they can guide reala?life decisions, etc.

i · Bibliography

This is a list of the references you cited in the essay. These should be alphabetically ordered (by last name of the first author). See hints for doing citations/references below.