Ow does Charles Dickens convey Pips state of mind in chapters eight and twenty nine of the text Great Expectations”?

Analyse and Interpret
. The effect of the writers choice of language and form
. The range of effects achieved by the writer
. The social, cultural, historical and literary
of a text
. Text critically, sensitively and in detail, conveying
your response clearly, using textual evidence and
quotations as appropriate
. HOW language, structure and form contribute to meaning,
considering different approaches to texts and alternative

Analyse and Interpret
. Style, structure, characterisation, theme
. HOW the writer uses language to create emotion, irony or mood
. Narrative sequence
. The writers attitudes, meanings and philosophy

Must treat this as a study of a text rather than a novel must look CLOSELY and comment on the language devices used to creat mood, tone, pace, atmosphere, character, theme and ideas
. use of nouns, adjectives
. use of verbs, adverbs
. Narratorial voice
. Chapter endings and beginnings
. Narrative tension
. Metaphor, simile and imagery
. use of different sentence lengths
. use of a range of punctuation for effect
. Repetition
. Sound effect eg; onomatopoeia. alliteration
. Pathetic fallacy
. Hyperbole (exaggeration)
Charles Dickens
Great Expectations