Ow does city squares satisfy the requirements of modern urbanism? Compare with squares in history using particular squares to discuss

I have this dissertation with 10000 words, but most of the reference are not right, some of the reference page numbers are not right, some is books name or authors name are not right. So please help me to fix them, correct them. And some reference are missing, I need you to find out in which books which page those reference come from, and write down the full detail of the reference in which books which page. There are two or three books are not match their authors, if the books name is right just have to change the authors name, but if the authors name is right you have to find out the books name. And this is an urgent order, please help me to fix the problem asap. Thanks!

Referencing Requirements:
All of the reference are in my dissertations bibliography page. I will upload it with this order. Please write down the full detail for all of the reference with author, book name, publisher, years and the page numbers.