Ow does currency valuation affect global imports/exports, inflation, and job pay around the world

Your Research Paper-Week of March 3rd -will consist of a 6-8 page paper on an approved topic (cover page and bibliography not included, APA format preferred). Sources (at least five scholarly sourcesno Wikipedia, i.e.) should be within the last ten years if possible. Research paper format will be given prior to due date. Additional information regarding the research paper will be given as the course progresses.
A couple of good ideas from last semester… one student took his own company (he worked full time for them) and examined the process of their integration of new technology as they merged after being purchased by a company in another country. Another student took her interest in the business practices and culture of another country to learn why certain practices were used in business.
^^^THIS is all the instruction that I received regarding the paper. The topic of the paper is one that I submitted and had approved, but it is not set in stone. THE TOPIC CAN BE FLEXIBLE IF NECESSARY, but needs to stay in the ballpark of the topic listed.
I need a cover page and a bibliography as well, not sure if that is included or not. Thank you! Might be helpful, we are using the book, Global Business Today, by Charles W. L. Hill for the class.