Ow does Ethnomethodology differ from Symbolic Interactionism?

My dissertation is based on my humanities and social science module of sociology. I have to find out how and if ethnomethodology differs from symbolic interactionism.

I have been given books by my tutor to read and use in my report as evidence of sources used, so if you could put references in please. (I have listed the books in the file attachment).

I am not a student who achieves a 1st so please could you try and get me an upper 2:1 so my tutor does not get suspicious!

I have been given a rough guideline of how to structure my dissertation. Firstly, an introduction of ethnomethodology and symbolic interactionism and how they work, with examples. Then explaining what each is in two separate sections, by putting details of peoples activities, how they do what they do, social activities and how they make up society and so forth. Then analysing and talking of differences between the two. Then tying the two together, analysing both good and bad features, and referring to analysis and research collected from databases etc. And finally to conclude, summarise whats been found, talk of relevant theorists and their views and so forth. Also talk of how to improve dissertation, make it better.

And a bibliography at the end, but making sure dissertation is quoted and referenced clearly.

Throughout the dissertation, I have to ask relevant question, as this will gain me better marks throughout. Also, I have to stay on my chosen subject, but think about issues of interest and talk about them. By doing the right research and explaining all methods and theories in a practical manner, I should be able to achieve a good grade.

I have to also include research of my own, to analyse. For this, please could you include questionnaires which are to be distributed to a small number of the public about symbolic interactionism and ethnomethodology and what they think of certain things. This then has to be added into my finding from other theorists and I have to see if any theories are proving to be true in connection with my own findings. Interviews could also be a good resource to perhaps consider. Recordings of people speaking and so forth was also an option by my tutor. Tables of data collected is a good way to show results and analasis of my research.

I will need a contents page with numbers, abstract of about 250 words, then the dissertation which includes intro, background, discussion of methodology, the main body where research is presented and conclusion. Then the appendices, if required, any notes, if it is relevant and a good bibliography. Referencing has to be to the Harvard system, otherwise I could be constituted for plagiarism!

I understand you would want to do this your own way, that s great, as what I have given you is just a rough guideline!

Thank you.

Harvard style of formatting/writing/referencing.

Title page, contents page, abstract of about 250 words, if needed, the dissertation itself, notes of relevance, bibliography and appendices all required.

Extra information such as questionnaires, recording, journal, websites and books, are all to be included.

I have attached books, which need to be included in my dissertation, as in quotations and theories from the likes of Garfinkel etc.