Ow does family life differ across cultures?

How does family life differ across cultures?
Among all different countries, there are different meanings about family life. In common idea, family life represents love and happiness, however some culture states family life as responsibility and even a struggle for woman. I think it is possible that family life or marriage life has different meaning cross cultures, first of all, there are obviously large differences of the positions of man and woman in different culture, so man and woman will play the different role in family life and which makes the position of man and woman gets harder to be equivalent. Also, different culture has different definition of family life, some cultures just consider the life of husband and wife while some included the whole two families. I am interested in this topic because I notice a data that over 50% of marriage ended with divorce, which I think, is a very sad fact, and I wanted to know why those couples cannot let their family life continue. And try to find out in which culture, the meaning of family life can be the best to keep the relationship among families.


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