Ow does film in the U.S today influence people perception of Chinese culture?

For this assignment please just write two secondary sources which is scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources. Please make sure u follow the three paragraphs instruction which I give you blow. I will upload the correct example to you also.
Please remember dont add extra space between lines and paragraphs. Thank you and here is the three paragraphs instructions:
2. Find a variety of sources that may provide help answering your research question. The precise breakdown of types of source will vary by individual research question but must include several scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources. While much of your sources will be secondary (what others have said about your topic), you must also include at least one primary source (but no more than two). Primary sources allow you to engage directly with your topic and encourage your own interpretations. Secondary sources will help with that interpretation, but remember, this is your research paper and the analysis should be your own. Including some primary sources will help create an avenue for you to include more of your critical analysis rather than solely synthesize what others are saying.

3. In the first paragraph of each entry, analyze the argument of the source using the language of The Craft of Research, chapter 7 (claim, reasons, evidence, and warrants). Do not simply summarize the source; in other words, you are explaining how the authors make their arguments (how the pieces of the argument fit together) instead of merely summarizing what they argue (the content).

4. In the second paragraph of each entry, assessthe source. Is the information reliable? What is the goal of the source and what does that show about its bias? Who is the audience for the source? What is the purpose of the source? What does the publication (publisher, media, date, etc.) of the source tell you about its credibility?

5. In the third paragraph of each entry, reflect on how the source fits into your project. Did it change the way you think about your project? How will hit help shape your argument? How will this source work in conjunction with your other sources?

Ow does film in the U.S today influence people perception of Chinese culture?

In order to achieve goals for the research paper:
1. Create a Thesis Statement that clearly asserts your own argument on the subject.
Be sure you are establishing an arguable thesis. You are not simply regurgitating what other authors have said; rather you are using secondary sources to bolster you own new claim.
2. Contextualize your argument, placing it within a larger academic discussion and providing enough background information so that your reader can understand the rest of your paper.
3. Organize your body paragraphs in a logical, coherent manner that serves your argument.
4. Use your research-primary source evidence and secondary source analysis–in order to back up your thesis.
5. Make sure you consider possible differing points of view on your research. Note: if there are no counter-arguments and counter-examples, your claim is not arguable; a one-sideargument is not an argument.
6. Dicuss possible implications of your argument for the ongoing dialogue about the topic.
7. Have a title, a clear introduction, and a solid conclusion.
8. Be sure to use appropriate support from your source. Avoid plagiarism. Correctly cite the thoughts, ideas, conclusions, and words of authors/researchers in your paper.
9, Include a works cited page.
10. Use MLA format.
This is just instructions for the research paper as whole.
I will post the instruction for the first draft later.

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For now you just need to do the draft 1 for me and I will order more pages later after you finish the first draft which is the outline for my research paper, I have asked the customer service they allowed me first order an outline and later oder more pages for the research paper by requires the revise.
Research paper draft 1 guidelines
For this assignment I would like you to begin thinking about the structure of your essays as a whole early on, Although the structure may change as you develop the parts of your essay. keeping yourself orientated toward a more well rounded, finished product, will help you to make sure your points are consistently tied not only to each other, but to your overall argument.
For you first draft you will be drafting your introduction(including your thesis), three body paragraphs, and a detailed outline. You may choose which body paragraph to work on first, I recommend starting with the point or sub claim you feel most comfortable with at this point.
What to Include in your detailed outline:
1. Topic sentence( a brief statement of what the paragraph will be about and how that paragraph relates to your main claim or a sub claim)
a. Grounds you plan to use in this paragraph(this may be multiple bullet points)
What makes these grounds important?
b. Why is this paragraph important?(Even if you donT know the answers yet what research questions is this paragraph contributing to? What problems do you hope to work out in this paragraph?)
c. What is the relationship between this paragraph and the following paragraph?
This is the instruction for the draft 1 (outline) you have to do now, I will order more pages later after you finish this outline and let you write this research paper follow this outline. I will upload a example for the correct format of the outline later.