Ow does gender influence opinion on whether surrogates should be paid?

The main purpose of the literature review is to find out what is known about a topic, so that you can identify an original research question that builds on previous research and theory. The literature review should summarize existing work on your topic. This section should include: 1) a brief overview of the various schools of thought on the issue. The overview should give enough detail on specific studies to show your understanding of the literature, but not consist of short reports on each study. Instead, discussion should illustrate a synthesis of various schools of thought on a particular issue. 2) Discussion of your theoretical position as it relates to the existing literature. Introduce and define the theoretical perspectives and concepts that are relevant to your research. 3) Discussion of lessons learned from existing literature and areas that require further research. This last part should include a justification of the research approach and research questions that you hope to address in your study. Ultimately, the literature review should let the reader know that you understand the problem and provide a context for your proposed research. Discuss studies that include concepts that you are focusing on.

You are REQUIRED to incorporate at least TEN scholarly articles or books into your literature review. The articles or books you choose to incorporate should be relatively recent as the older the research you draw upon the more likely it is to be outdated. This research should be properly cited within your research proposal and also organized into a References section at the end of your research proposal. You should follow the American Sociological Associationas citation guidelines (these guidelines will be provided to you on Blackboard).