Ow does global warming affect the polar bears?

A Research Paper

Choose an environmental topic/issue that interests you and do a literature search on it. This research project should involve some environmental science topic which is important to human society. The paper should contain an equivalent of at least 10 type written pages (around 3000 words) of your own written text, double spaced and 12 Times New Roman font for each project participant. Figures, tables and/or photos add to the paper, but do not count toward the 8 pages of written material. (Please reduce the file size of any photos you attach so that they are appropriate for email.) Your report will be graded on content, research effort, organization and writing (including English, grammar, spelling etc.).

The content score will be negatively affected if the paper is just a series of quotations. Quoted material is also not part of the 10-15 pages of your text. Though this is not plagiarism, it is poor writing. The paper needs to portray the knowledge you have gained from your research. Your opinion is welcome in this paper, but it must be supported with more than just your opinion. Published reference materials can greatly support an opinion.

This paper should include a literature cited (bibliography) section at the end referencing all your information sources (see below for examples). You should cite at least 10 different references in your paper for each participant; at least 6 of these references must be from a source other than a website.Only 4 of which may be from websites.

The paper must be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. Figures, tables, captions, names, etc. are not part of the length requirement. Do not add excess spacing between paragraphs, and do use excessive short paragraphs (most paragraphs should have at least 3 sentences in them) to make the paper appear longer than it is. Even if the paper is 9.9 pages it is not long enough to meet requirements, so it is best to make it substantially longer than this minimum.