Ow does globalization affect financial markets.

The project title: How does globalization affect financial market?
The project requirement:
Structure of the research paper
a? outline
a? Introduction: it should include (explanation of what the research about and what I am going to talk about)
a? Body
a? conclusion
a? summary
Including bibliography, graphs (the graphs should have a brief explanation),the technical and theoretical contents are relevant as will. Also, comments and result
p.s-Need you to use (Essentials of investment,8th Edition ,Author: Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane and Alan Marcus) as a reference and to get information (one of my instructor requests )

Rubric for research project:

o What is your input?
Technical content
o Useful tools, formulas
o Calculations
o Graphing
Theoretical content Explanation
o Use the theoretical concept
o Comments of the result
o Use of information and events
Research paper
o Introduction
o Conclusion
o Reference
o Originality

thats it .. thank you