Ow Does Hedging Jet Fuel Prices help U.S. Airlines Survive Times of Oil Price Volatility?”

I have to do research paper for my working capital course. Deep analysis and
calculation are highly demanded for my research paper.

My thesis statement is how airline industry will benefit from hedging strategy
and how hedging add value to firm value.

My research is regarding with current U.S. airline industry environment, and I
would like to compare between southwest airlines and other airline companies, such as American Airlines Inc, Delta etc.

By how many percentages an airline company who do hedge will achieve more
percentages value than an airline company who do not use hedge?

I will give some articles and data information to support this research. In addition, please see my preliminary outline, thus you can figure out what I am looking for and please improve the quality of the outline (I do not mind if you want to add the composition of my outline) to achieve high quality for this research.

Please contact me before you write this research, I just want to make sure if you have same concept with me.

Furthermore, there are 3 journals that important in this research, which is
1. Does Hedging Affect Firm Value?
2. Strategic Risk Management
3. Rethinking Risk Management.
I do not mind if you add any other sources that you think it is important for this research.