Ow does Hollywood movies portray Muslims and Arabs after 9/11? a?Content Analysis of The Kingdom and Renditiona?

I will provide you with a draft of my paper (How does Hollywood movies portray Muslims and Arabs after 9/11). The paper is not complete yet. Basically I want you to do two things. First edit the parts that are done and change what you think needs to be changed such as sentence formats grammar and spelling. Second, write the missing parts (I will give you the whole outline). You should also watch a?Renditiona? movie and analyze it just like the way I did with a?The Kingdoma? movie, as you will see in my paper. You can find the movie in this website:
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This paper is worth 50% of my final grade. It should be perfect and well written. You also should follow the outline and guidelines I will provide you. Please make sure to watch the whole movie not parts of it. You should be very specific in analyzing scenes and events. You may also use some quotes or dialogues from the movie to build up a good argument. I already have 6 sources and I need 6 more. You can use the sources while analyzing the movies. Or in any other part of the paper: introduction, conclusion or the findings and please make sure to put the correct citation. The paper should be more than 3000 words. I already wrote 2100 words.