Ow does Hucks view about independence and dependence changes throughout his journey?

This is a private high school 11th grade English essay. I wrote a rough thesis about this topic; in fact, the essay was assigned with free topic, and I made up a question about the book Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. This is my rough introduction with a thesis at the end. Nowadays, since population has been grown up amazingly in the last several decades, people consider Living togetheras one of th emost important skills to have better lives in the society. From reading Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, readers can recognize that living together was also an important feature of life hundred of years ago. From the beginning of his journey, Huck thinks that he is able to endure the sufferings of dangerous features around the world and would experience great adventures only by himself. However, during the valuable experiences with Jim, Huck gets to learn how to be dependent sometimes and still be able to live in the adventurous ways, which he deisres.You can edit the whole introductory paragraph, but want to keep the main idea of my essay. I want the first paragraph to be about Hucks tending to be independent in the beginning of the story. I think there would be some evidence that he want to be independent and have trip alone to the south when he is in the hut with his father and dreams about his journey, but not sure. Keep in mind about that. For second and third paragraph, I want you to write two different good aspects of dependence he learns from the experiences with Jim. There should be 1~2 quotation from the novel each paragraph, and the essay (especially body paragraphs) should really focus on the book itself. Nothing else. Maybe you can start the introductory paragraph with some social phenomenon so that the essay looks more spontaneous, but never in the body paragraph. Also, it would be good if you can put some interesting ideas in the body paragraphs. I want the body paragraphs to flow spontaneous so that the essay (body paragraph) should be written chronically. The essay is assigned with free topic and free thesis so you can fix a little bit so that the plot can flow spontaneously. Thank you.