Ow does immigration affect the population structure in Los Angeles?

A research paper is the result of research that you have conducted, which may include literature review, collection of primary and/or secondary data, data analysis and interpretation, and insights and observations, on a meaningful and relevant question. Your paper should be informative and should seek to demonstrate originality and insights. It should not be merely an account of the issue at hand, but should link evidence with theory and context and seek to highlight a perspective or argument. A descriptive style is discouraged. Be analytical and write concisely and clearly. Organize your paper in a logical and coherent manner, with preferably an introduction, the body of the paper which may be further broken down into subsections, and a conclusion. All standard bibliographic styles are acceptable, as longer as you provide complete information. For Internet sources, give full citation including the web address, the organization or author that posted the material, title of paper or article, and the dates on which the information was posted or accessed. Your research paper should be typewritten and about 8 double-spaced pages in length (excluding tables and illustrations if applicable).