Ow does industrialisation AND ITS consequences make a middle class visible in the first half of the 19th century

you Will need to define a middle class, please mention enlightenment throughout essay, the great reform act1832, the great whig betrayel, how enlightenment/industrialisation brought wealth to the middle calss but not political power, king george new if there wasnt reform there would be revolution therefore the great form which failed twice was passed and the middle calss who had lots of money could vote, please mention ?10 household if you can mention at the end there visibilty was at a peak and the middle class had a hegemony.

and anything else you can think of thats relevant.

Bibliography in Harvard style on seperate page. all essay double line spaced with margins

Roy Porter or Eric Hobsborn anyone who is well known and respected on writing about Britian in the 18th centuary and enlightenment.

If there is anyway you could quote byron that would be great but Im not sure how.