Ow does Interior Architecture can advocate ethical behaviours in society?

The Essay should include:
_A working title How does Interior Architecture can advocate ethical behaviours in society?
and an outline of subject matter-I pretend evaluate the four areas of sustainabilityi??environment, people, economy, and culture
What Sustainable Design Means for Our Future ? the proposed solutions
Some of the basic principles of sustainable designi???
_A research (should contain specifics: names, places, objects, places, ideas
_Rationale for choosing the topic and question (why it is of interest for broader
discussions relating to interior design)
_Identification of objects of study and relevant theory
A plan to how you will structure the essay and a few sentences on what each section will include and how it relates to your question.
The object(s) of inquiry
It is fundamental that you identify an object something that is concrete and real to research and
write about in this essay. You will find it extremely difficult to write in the abstract or in the general
about the ideas you are dealing with. This is a common mistake in studenti??s work and can be
easily corrected. By choosing a building, interior or object you can visit, experience or observe, you
will improve your chances of becoming engaged with it and very likely will also be able to find more
information out about it.
You will need to put forward sufficient evidence to show that there is adequate information about a
building or object to write about, especially if you cannot experience it. This is why you are required
to identify the sources that you will use or that you will think useful in your research stage
The interior theory
Theory is an abstract word which means different things to different people. In this module, you are
asked to develop your own approach to how you define theory in relation to interior design and in
this essay you will have to explain this.