Ow does internet help students learn faster

In this Inquiry project:

You have to choose a digital technology-related topic that interests you.
Ask yourself what you want to know more about that topic.
formulate an inquiry question that you would like to answer in this assignment.(What expectations does it raise? how can it be interpreted? are there other ways to think about it? what are your own feelings about it )
Note: Donat ask questions about the positions of your topic; you will have time for such questions in the next inquiry project.

Look for sources that will help you answer your question. Sources should be of different media and modality: print sources (books, articles), digital sources (websites, social media sites), visual sources (images, videos). You MUST have a minimum of THREE sources in at least TWO different modalities.
Identify the main source you will use to answer your question and use the other two sources for some more in-depth answers or support.
Summarize that main source to introduce it to your reader.
Analyze that main source rhetorically: which rhetorical appeals (logical, ethical, emotional) did the author use in the source? Was the author effective is using those appeals? How does the source answer your question? Were you convinced with that answer? Or did you need to read more sources to know the answer to your question more fully? What do you learn about your topic by the end of your analysis?
Use ALL three sources in your essay, not necessarily equally or in the same way (quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing). Cite your sources appropriately.
Feel free to incorporate visuals in your essay if you think they add to your analysis.
Create a Works Cited page with all the sources you used in your essay.

A creative title that attracts the readeras attention and represents your main idea
An introduction about the general topic you write about
A concise thesis statement that summarizes the main idea in your essay
A brief but comprehensive summary of the main source. Your reader should be able to understand what the original author wrote.
A rhetorical analysis of your main source
A supported analysis: from the main source and the other sources you used
Correct and appropriate citation of sources
A Works Cited page with all your sources
A revised and proofread essay

3 4 pages double spaced
1 inch margins
12 point font
Last name and page number in upper right hand corner of header
Heading with full name, due date, and class on left hand corner
File saved as your first name-inquiry2draft1
Example: lilian-inquiry2draft1