Ow does jane Austen present marriage within the novel?Pride and Prejudice

1.1. Analyse features of the pre-twentieth century novel.e.g.classical realism.

1.2. Provide appropriate personal response.
1.3. Respondto ideas and interpretations raised by others.
2.1. Identify and comment on a variety of formal and language techniques used in the text.
2.2 Use some literary terminology appropriately.
2.3 Identify some differences between surface and implied meaning in the text.
3.1 Identify some social,historical and cultural frameworks relevent to the text.
4.1 Support opinions using some relevent evidence.
4.2 Structure opinions effectively e.g. appropriate use of introductions/conclusions,quotations,paragraphing.
4.3 Write with due regard to technical accuracy.
4.4 Use an appropriate tone and vocabulary.