Ow does language variation affect the role of the translator

How does language variation affect the role of the translator?

A paper discusses the issue of language variation and its impact on translators

*Additional hints to the introduction:
Language variation general definitions..
Language variation has become a concern for language learners and translators..
-Signposting the points will be discussed within the body..

*Additional hints to the body:
Types of Variation in language
Does language variation exist within the standard language?
Language variation in American English vs. British English.
Language variation and learning language (British vs. American English). + Examples
Language variation and the practice of translation..
When the translator gets lost in language variation while doing his job
The impact of language variation on the translators (written translation) and the interpreter (oral translation) +Examples+ citations
Language variations in terms of the source and target language, i.e., English vs. Arabic
Which will be difficult for the translator variations in his native language or second language?
Solutions can be adopted to avoid confusion resulted from language variation.

Convincing conclusion derived from what have been said within the whole paper
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