Ow Does Leadership Effect and Organization (Business Mangement)

fy the leader by next week and name the Company you can alsp use a area in the company to focus on like HR or IT etc. I will let you pick the company and person to interview. I m from Milwaukee, WI. You Just need to run it by my instructor so you can get started. I will give you an example capstone paper from one of my friends to reference.

Week 2I need to identify the person I will be interviewing

Week 3I will need the first draft of Introduction and Literature Review (include reference list) and questions used for interview.

Week 4Revise intro and lit review

Week 5 Written interview Summary

Draft of methods section

Week 6 Complete Paper

Use very few direct quotes and need to be written in 3rd person.

There are differents ways you can go with the paper like:

0 Leadership Vs. Mangement

0 What is good Leadership

0 Use Leadership Theories