Ow does light and sound travel in water?

You are expected to write a term paper on an aspect of oceanography. The paper shall have at least three current (1999 -2005) citations as well as our text book, An Introduction to the Worlds Oceans, and one or two historical citations if needed. The term paper should be from three to five pages long. All references cited in the text must be included in the Literature Cited; do not include any references that were not cited in the text of the paper. All citations should be from peer review journals.

Topic: How does light and sound travel in water?


Thesis statement
After you have Googled your topic, evaluate all the print outs, and narrow the topic to that which you can handle. Remember, a wide topic is difficult to write about well.

Literature Review
Your literature review should tell the reader what other scholars are saying about your topic.


You should notice that when you read an article in a journal, at the end of the article there is a list of citations from which the author took his information. This list consists of the name of the journal used, the title of the paper, and the author. You will also find the page numbers of the article and the date the paper was published.

An example of a citation is:
Kerr, R. 1999. Big El Ninos ride the back of slower climate change. Science 283:1108-1109.

The article, Big El Ninos ride the back of slower climate change, was written by Kerr, published in 1999 in the journal Science. volume 283 and on pages 1108-1109.

I want you to go to the internet and use an appropriate source to find articles on your topic. You can search for your topics using Askjeeves.com/ or Google. Very often an article you wish to use is listed with an abstract for you to read. If you think you would like to use that article print out the abstract and ask the liberian to get an interlibrary loan for you. You should receive a copy of the article within a few days to a week. Or, you may wish to go to the library at the University of Illinois and use the journal there and xyrex the article.

The University of Illinois at the Chicago campus has a very complete library, and it is easy to get there. Go to the CTA web page where you will be able to get instructions on how to get to the UofI campus. When I go to the library at UIC, I get on the train at the Rosemont station at River Road and get off at the UIC/Halsted stop (all trains stop there). Go up to the street level and walk over to the university. Once there, just ask for directions to the science library.

I would rather you not use books other than your text. There are many articles out there on topics in oceanography/Biology. Historical material may be a little more difficult to find, and for this you may need to use older books on the subject.

Find peer review journals by searching the Oakton Library online databases( Ask for assistance at the library reference desk. Do not use a non database web page as a source. You may use web pages for illustrations only.