Ow does marijuana effect the humanas memory and cognition?

a?Writing in Psychology
a?Paper 1: Literature Review (including Abstract and Introduction) emphasizing synthesis and analysis of sources, inspired by and discussing a Psychological issue.
a?Length: 6-8 pagesa?
Format and Documentation Style: APAa?a?a?
Paper 1:a?6-8 page APA Style Literature Review examining 3-4 peer reviewed empirical research articlesa?a?a?

1) As you introduce new works into your literature review, provide a brief summary that includes the author, year of publication, title, journal name, hypothesis, purpose of research, and major findings and or arguments.. However, avoid writing summaries like those in your critical review paper; these summaries are a few sentences that provide the reader with a quick overview of the article . These summaries will be synthesized smoothly with the discussion and not separated out from the analysis as in the critical review paper.a?a?

2) Each of the sources should seem as if they are having a flowing conversation among one another about the various methodolgies, findings, and arguments addressed in/throughout the literature on the chosen topic. In other words integrate the sources throughout the literature review to compare and contrast the literature under review. An example of this is:a?a?Phillips and Hawthorne (2003) determined that young children that had mothers who worked in the home were far less likely to develop addictions as teens and young adults. Rogers et al. (2005) agreed with their assessment and claimed that young adults who reported that their mothers worked from home (or stayed at home and did not work) were far more likely to be productive members of society and less likely to engage in criminal activity (p.52). These claims also aligned with C.H. Workhorseas (2006) study on mothers who worked outside of the home and the effect on young children. In this study, Workhorse determined that children who grew up in day cares and with nannies/non-parental caretakers were more likely to attach to peers and thus engage in illegal activities (p.7).

a?a?3) Make sure you document each source correctly (see APA Manual) as you write this review. Also be sure to format the paper with headings according to APA standards (review APA Manual as well as Galvan).

a?a?4) Include your analysis on the sources being discussed as they pertain to/support or contradict your claim about the overall research discussed on the topic as well as demonstrate inconsistencies, similarities, holes, bias, etc. among the literature. Furthermore, this analysis should not be about whether or not you agree with the arguments presented; it is A about the effectiveness of the ideas presented, the sufficiency and types of evidence, and etc., credibility of authors and evidence, and whether or not there is bias. What you think about the topic from a personal stance could be included, though very briefly.a?a?

5) Include an APA references page (be sure to reference ALL the resources you used in your paper and NONE that you didnat)a?a?

6) **Include if you would like to specific discussion about: fallacious reasoning, types of evidence (qualitative, quantitative, fact/probability/opinion), 3 appeals, etc).