Ow does media use sexuality to dis-empower or empower people?

I need an introduction, body with 3 paragraphs and a conclusion. I am thinking that the media is dis-empowering people. This essay is for a Modern Sex class. So it has to revolve around sexuality. Compare how women have been dis empowered (going from womens rights to girls gone wild). Show how men have been dis empowered (viagra pills, waxing) just to be men enough and sleep with girls. In the introduction I need a strong thesis statement which is supported by the 3 paragraphs. I am trying to show that movies, tv shows, and magazines are trying to influence us in becoming these perfect hot beings (which we cant become) and by doing so we are forgetting about valuable things such as family values. My teacher wants us to use The Rise of Enlightened Sexismwritten by Susan Douglas.This should be one of the sources. Any other source is fine.