Ow does mediation prevent, manage, and resolve international conflict

I need:
-Abstract (not to exceed 500 words)
-table of contents and a full list of acronyms and abbreviations
-Introduction to outline research question and discusses the basis of research
-Literature review
-BODY of paper must include
1. a discussion of research methods and why I used this
type of research method
2. Present research findings
3. Demonstrate a critical investigation, analysis, and
evaluation of data collected

I want research to use scholars such as johan galtung,Oliver Ramsbotham, Anatol Rapoport, vivienne jabri, john paul lederach, harold saunders, herbert kelman, william zartman, joseph nye, william ury, Leashing the dogs of warHerding cats: multiparty mediation in a complex worldchester crocker, tim sisk, kevin avruch, ted robert gurr, kenneth boulding, Raymond Aron, Edward Azar, John Burton, Martin Ceadal, Kevin Dooley,