Ow does Michael Oleskeras book contribute to your understanding of ethnic and racial diversity in the Baltimore area?

In this term paper you need to respond to the question: How does Michael Oleskeras book contribute to your understanding of ethnic and racial diversity in the Baltimore, Maryland area? Illustrate your understanding of the local Baltimore neighborhoods discussed. Use four specific examples from the Olesker book and at least four a?key termsa? from the Schaefer text in your essay. The official format for a paper is:

1. Introduction a including the question for which the paper will provide responses.

2. Body a Your responses in narrative to the above question with examples from Olesker cultural vignettes/chapters to support your arguments.

3. Conclusion a Summarize and draw conclusions about how Olesker through his Journeys text comments on the current racial and ethnic relations patterns in Baltimore and the U.S.

REMEMBER to be non-judging in the assignment, be a sociologist, be sensitive and informed.

In writing your paper, you may want to follow this general approach:

Brainstorm: What examples from Olseker do you want to use? What are the concepts that apply? What are the most important points? How do they relate to our class? What of that is important to me, and why?

Look for evidence for your thoughts in our textbooks, the articles, your class notes, and your notes from the event.

Gather your notes and get ready to write.

4. Provide all the main information gathered in an objective manner and in a cohesive narrative.

5. Add your reflection on what you have learned based on your experience and our class materials in a cohesive, objective manner. Add what you have learned in this process.

6. Write the title page that has your name, and this class number and title on it. Add a note certifying that you wrote this paper by yourself for the purpose of this class only (see handout sample) and sign it.(Available on BB)

7. Keep in mind that this is an official written assignment so your language has to match that (meaning do not be colloquial, unless justified and do not use abbreviations, such as a?donata?)

8. Add a page with your bibliography a this is not part of the 8-10 pages of your own writing.



The paper will be evaluated on format as well as content.

a? The Format: font 12 pt (do not use larger font size); font: Arial or Times New Roman; line spacing: 1.5. If you do not adhere to this format points will be deducted.

a? Your report will be 8-10 pages a not counting the bibliography.

a? If there is no a?Certificate of Authorshipa? the paper will NOT be read or graded.

a? Be sure to use appropriate language; do NOT be colloquial because this is an official written assignment.

Sources should include JOURNEYS TO THE HEART OF BALTIMORE by michael olesker, and RACE AND ETHNICITY IN THE UNITED STATES, by Richard T. Schaefer.

This is for a racil and cultural minorities class