Ow does my school compare with other schools in the U.S.?

Assignment Description:

In a 3-5 page paper describe the extent to which technology is used in your school building and defend whether or not your school building is using technology as extensively and efficiently as some of the other schools in the United States. Also examine the extent to which schools are providing equitable access to technology for both genders of students, various ethnicity, ability and achievement levels. Find information on at least one exemplary and one mediocre school and rate how your school is doing in comparison. Support your position with at least four sources found in the educational literature.

Include a cover page and bibliography page (using APA style). The bibliography should be the last page of the paper. Place a page number on every page in the upper right margin. If you quote or paraphrase a source, include an in-text citation (using APA style). Every source in your bibliography should be cited somewhere in the paper and every in-text citation must be cited in your bibliography.

Key Paper Components:

” Cover page

” 3-5 page paper

” Bibliography

Additional Information:

1) One source for determining your school s technology readiness is the School Technology and Readiness (STaR) chart on the ISTE Web site:

2) Use the Publications section of the ISTE Web site for a list of books and periodicals. Web sites can also be cited in addition to your educational literature sources.

3) References are also available in the Knowledge Base section at the end of the syllabus.