Ow does Norfolk Southern Corp. affect the Hampton Roads Area?

1. Title your paper with an original, descriptive title appropriate to your review (centered as above).
2. Introduce your review by establishing the significance of your topic, following the CARS model. You are writing this article for a wide audience, and thus should contextualize the place of this research within the larger field.
3. Be organized to best answer your research question, using original headings (if applicable) that reflect the clusters and subtopics that you identified if appropriate. Use topic sentences to highlight similarities and differences and to assert clear claims that you back up with your research.
4. Develop solid logos through use of paraphrase, summary, direct quotation, and through the use of figures (if applicable, both of your own creation and/or cited from your sources).
5. Creatively answer your research question through analyzing and synthesizing your sources, as well as by highlighting any points of agreement and disagreement in your sources.
6. Conclude with a clear summation of how you answered your research question, and by giving a brief overview of what is known and what questions need to be explored, researched, and answered.
7. Your Thesis Statement should be in bold type in either your conclusion or introduction, and should clearly answer your research questions based on your review and be provable, interesting, and original.
8. You must use (and refer to) at least 7 quality sources, the majority of which must be peer-reviewed ACADEMIC research articles for this review.
9. Use third-person, academic tone and show audience awareness in your use of specific language of your field, and also in defining these terms for non-specialists.
10. Use impeccable mechanics and construction that demonstrates careful proofreading.