Ow does Oedipus and Antigone s stubbornness lead to their downfall?

Use quotes from the actual plays

Oedipus by Sophocles and Antigone by Jean Anouilh

Use essay outline

Introduction-There are many ways in which the main characters of Oedipus the king and Antigone lead to their downfall, but the major way is through their continuous stubbornness and persistence.


-Both kept fighting for what they want, Oedipus fought for the truth as Antigone fought to bury her brother s body.

 You-scum of the earth, you d enrage a heart of stone! You won t talk? Nothing moves you? Out with it, once and for all. -Oedipus

 They have uncovered my brother s body. I must go and bury him -Antigone& even though Creon has just told her she will be killed for going against the law.

-They are both killed for their actions, and therefore considered the traguc heroes of the play.


-Antigone knew the consequences of her actions, Oedipus didn t.

 I don t want to. It s all very well for you, but I m not here to understand. I m here to say no to you, and to die.

Like father like daughter, Antigone was just as stubborn as her father when it came to burying her brother. Oedipus s persistence to find he truth about the curse, lead him to his downfall. When Oedipus wanted to know the truth he didn t know anything about the price he had to pay later, unlike Antigone who knew everything, but was stubborn enough to keep fighting for it.