Ow does Pa Chin express his Anarchist politics in Family?

The book is Family by Li Fei-kan Pa chin. Since english is not my first language, please dont write fancy sentences. Please mimic my writing style as possible as you can.

Examples of my writing:

The title i??confessions of maski?? is already a paradox. Mask generally represents covering, but confession stands for disclosing. The main character Kochan, who I consider as Mishma himself, poetically wears a mask in order to protect himself from the society. Through out the reading, he wanted to hide the fact that he likes men and he is very weak. He didni??t know his sexuali??preference when he was young. He realized that after he liked one of his classmates in middle school. Also, his grandmother was samurai family before and she was very proud of it. He was born weak. He was very skinny and short. In addition, he was born in bad family condition because he was i??born two years after the Great Earthquake(3).i?? His family had been sliding down. Therefore, his parents had to ask his grandmother to take care of him. These cases might have made him introverted and he might have wanted to hide that he is shy and weak. Though these evidences, he wanted to hide his sexuality, and weakness. However, the more he tried to hide them, the more it cleared that he could not hide his essence. He said, i??I was beginning to understand vaguely the mechanism of the fact that what people regarded as a pose on my part was actually an expression of my need to assert my true nature, and that it was precisely what people regarded as my true self which was a masquerade(27)i??. Hiding his existence made him divided himself. Since mask made him divided himself, he became a mask and mask became Kochan at the end.