Ow does paid employment affect your identity?

The answer should include discussion of theory and concepts covered in Term 1 of BEM2004 (organizational behavior). Word limit: 2,000 [+/10%] excluding bibliography. No appendices. Pick 2 or 3 topics that you want to focus on and write about them. We have to choose topics that are relevant to us and we have to write about our self here, so we have to use some examples from our own life experience to illustrate the theories that are being applied. Begin by explaining some key theories of work and identity, for example a Marxist view of capitalist work, the concept of work as vocation (Weber), and a dramaturgical view of work identity based on impression management (Goffman). You should also be able to discuss contemporary factors that affect MY current and future work identity.

Understanding of the subject: An original argument that shows independence and clarity of thought and is based on an excellent grasp of the subject.

Structure: Fluent and readable.

Use of research evidence: Excellent synthesis of relevant theories and current examples. Demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the research literature, including classic as well as current studies.

Critical reflection: The analysis subjects underlying assumptions about the subject to critical scrutiny. Demonstrates a high level of reflexivity, including an ability to analyze personally-held beliefs and values.

Style and referencing: Excellent, technically free from errors
Flawlessly referenced using Harvard method

Always cite the name and date of an author you are quoting (e.g. Smith, 1996; Jones 1988). All sources of material that you use to inform your ideas should be referenced. Direct quotes should be given in quotation marks and accompanied by the relevant page numbers. At the end of your essay, give a full bibliography of all the authors you have used. Ideally, use the following style: Smith, L (1996) Human Resource Management, New York: Wiley; Jones, R (1988) a?Leadership without tearsa, Harvard Business Review, Vol 6, pp 40-47.

Ow does paid employment affect your identity?

This essay should cover all the topics regaurding organisational behaviour and human resource managemnt. Topics such as work and identity, Organisational Culture, Power and Politics, Emotion, Bureaucracy and Globalisation, Ethics and Organization, Management Fashions and the Business School, Rethinking Leadership, Organisational Learning; should be included in the essay.
Give a lot of examples on every statement or fact.
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