Ow does placebo effect invite us to re-imagine our biology as Localand Cultural”?

This topic is about rethink medical knowledge sociologically. Therefore I would need someone has a sociology background to write this for me.br /br /
Outline as below:br /br /
The concept of a?somatisationa, for all its problematic connotations, points to the powerful ways in which bodies can respond to, and become vectors of, meaning. In this session we explore this notion in greater depth by considering placebo/nocebo effects and how our biologies may be considered a?culturala. We will also examine the work of James Pennebaker who has pioneered work on the beneficial health effects of emotional disclosure (and conversely, the noxious effects of keeping secrets), alongside critical appraisals of Pennebakeras work that underline the cultural specificity of its assumptions concerning subjectivity and selfhood.br /br /
There are still several reference I can provide as attached files later. The writer can view them as a clue.br /
Some resources as below:br /
A video from BBC four:br /
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Website of the Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter at Harvard Medical School:br /