Ow does play affect our brain and our lives

This is a research paper about how playing around is going to affect our brain and improve our living. First you want to say nowadays adults spent so much time working, that children are the only one who play ( a time magazines cover was only children playing in many different ways/games). Adults deserve to play too. It would help them with their creativity and positive attitude.
Also think of these questions: 1. Which of the types/patterns of play do you have the least experience with, and why? How might this have affected you? 2. what are some of the most important benefits of play, in your opinion? How might you apply this information in your life? 3. Do you ever play and work at the same time? What would happen if you did? 4. Name at least two reasons why play is serious business. Then consider: is there an area of your life where your work could benefit from an attitude of play? Explain your thinking…

i am going to upload more details on the files.. please read them! thank you!