Ow does play therapy help children cope with divorce

I will upload very specific instructions and samples of how I would like the paper formatted. I would also like you to send me a rough draft of each section of the paper so that there is not a lack of communication in the process and hopefully less revisions or maybe no revisions will be necessary if we are working off the same framework.

Here we go lets hope this paper is done well. I imagine the paper would work best if English is the writers first language not the their second. I expect very few ThusThereforeand Whichused in this paper. I need to see a rough draft as soon as possible so lets get this going! I am sure this go round will be much better!

Added on 03.04.2015 11:54
I have attached instructions from for the assignment. I have also attached chapter 2 that was done but I am redoing because it is not close to what it should be. I have attached the research questions that I am using and the instruments that will be used to analyse that data collected. There needs to be critical thinking outside the obvious in chapter 3. I am looking for what else… where are the gaps in data collecting what have I not thought about when collecting data and things that could go wrong that need to be addressed again think outside the obvious in both recruiting the sample and data collection and procedures. Thank you! Please fill free to ask questions and to send me rough drafts as you complete sections!! Thank you!!! .