Ow does primary school aged childrens experiences impact when living in poverty?

Could you do a reference list but also insert incited references in literature review e.g. (Dillon 2012:23-25) Even if you have paraphrased I need the page number.
No jargon correct English, could you base it around small part to family situation, I am concentrating on single mums, situation lack of opportunities low skills low qualifications, austerity measures, benefits single mother families no money for school uniforms, school day trips, travel, free school meals, stigma, out of school activities, developments to different attitudes to education, less likely to feel in controls of their education, social isolation? possible low standard of housing due to cuts in benefits and low income, possible homelessness? the implications to the children and mother, possible stress, physiological issues, mental health
I am concentrating on the experiences rather than educational outcomes

My main focus is the school experience but to touch on some of the reasons and the implications to health

To use mainly journals or reports and some books. Joseph Rowntree, the childrens society, education.gov, etc.