Ow does Quantum Technology improve/impact our future. It can be either negative and a positive effect.

The thesis statement MUST include a CAUSALITYto every premises. Every point must be looked at with HOW it improves the future and perhaps even WHY. The idea of MetacognitionMUST be present in the essay. Meaning that it should show Thinking about thinking”, explain HOW or WHY the proof you present supports the point you are trying to make. No vague statements be made. Plus, every statement that is made, such as Bright futurebe explained well. As in HOW it is a bright future. Also, any research must be cited. the following is an essay draft that I have written:

The human brain works in a way that it is always coming up with new ideas to make its own life and the lives of others easier and more convenient. Whether it is when the first wheel was invented, the first light bulb or even the Hubble telescope. Just like that, another idea known as a?Quantuma? was first proposed in the mid-1800s. At the time, the word had no other meaning that its literal Latin translation of quantity or how much. However, as the world of chemistry and physics expanded, Quantum started occurring more often. It has now been approximately over 250 years since the first major use of the word. But now, it has a far greater meaning. Scientists have worked on the Quantum theories and calculations and proposed and invented a?Quantum Technologya?. Quantum technology shapes our lives in many ways that we are not even aware of. Quantum technology provides humanity with health care via MRI, security for our house, workplace and money through Quantum Cryptography and promises a bright future with the developing technology of Teleportation.

Technology and health have always had a strong relationship. Archeologists and historians discovered that surgeries first started to take place as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization (3300 BCE) which now is part of Pakistan and India. It is also known that the civilization was had one of the most developed technology. Though, many extinctions came and went, the relationship between the development of health is dependent on the development of technology never grew weaker. Today, machines are used to perform any medical tasks. Technology such as Stethoscopes is used to listen to oneas heart; X-Ray Machines are used in order to determine any broken machines and many other countess technologies which aid medicine to make human life better. Just like that, another medical technology that shares a large portion of contributing to a better health is called the a?MRIa?. MRI stands for Magnetic resonance imaging.

After health, the next most important part of oneas life is their money. With computers and more use of credit cards and debit cards, money has developed from bills into virtual amounts that are represented by numbers. Since money always needs to be exchanged from one place to another, the custom of cryptography comes in. Cryptography is the use of complex mathematical equations in order to create a key which is shared between two parties to safely transport information without being exposed to the general public or possible threats. However, the security is just the math equations. Even though they are very complex equations, it is not difficult for a professional hacker to crack the equation. This puts everyoneas banks accounts and money transfers under risk. That is when the idea of Quantum Cryptography was formed. In 1991 a¦.. Quantum Cryptography is the use of energy signals in order to transfer information from one source to another. Photons are used in order to create the key that is required to unlock the information that is being transferred. Once an eavesdropper makes an attempt to hack the signal, the photon frequency disrupts and exposes the eavesdropper and stops the signal from going through. With such security, even if the hackers use quantum computers, there is not a single leak in the signal that will allow then to break the key. Quantum cryptography provides us with security in places that one can never think of. The barcodes that are scanned by a group laser beams in order is part of quantum cryptography. The barcode contains a certain pattern which acts as a lock. The lasers, which are beams of light energy or photons hit the lock and act as key in order to unlock the item and be sold. Another use of quantum cryptography came when the government elections took place in the Swedish state if Geneva, the chances of forged votes were very high. The Swedes used Quantum Cryptography in order to increase the security of the voting. The quantum cryptography will aid secure the link between the ballot counting center located in downtown Geneva and many rural government ballot stations. Even though quantum cryptography is still considered under major research, the technology already has humanity with many securities and of the field continues to grow and expand, the day is not far when hackers will need to move out of their basements and find a job.
Quantum ideas and the technologies have travelled a far distance from the past into the present. With such great capabilities, it is justice that technologies will have a large impact on the humanitiesa future. As seen in many cartoons, sci-fi movies and television shows the reoccurrence of teleportation. Teleportation is the idea of scanning an object or perhaps a human being in a way that all the information can be extracted and transported to a desirable location and create an exact replica. Though, as great the idea might sound, there are also some setbacks to it. In order to transport a person from one location to another, it would mean to give birth to an entire new being and the death of another. This idea is proposed by many religious groups and it is said that teleportation interferes with human ethics. However, on the other hand, teleportation proves to be a great tool in prospering humanity. For example, a house catches fire in a rural country where there is no fire station close by. That is when teleportation can be used .

NOTE: Rubric Level 4: This rubric ranges from 89%-99% bur I want to achieve a Level 4+ on this essay. Thank you.


Content: Thesis supported by researched chemical information.

Evidence of Research: Numerous resources included in reference list from a variety of sources. Most resources have authors or editors and are current (past 5 years).


Societal Impact: Excellent application of topic to societal issues or concerns


Introduction: Introductory paragraph includes a topic sentence that introduces the reader to the overall topic and a?hooksa? the reader; identifies the main focus; and connecting sentences tat describe how the issue will be dealt with.

Thesis: The thesis is the controlling idea of the essay, and clearly defines what the writer intends to prove. High degree of sophistication and originality.

Body Paragraphs: Includes a topic sentence that connects to the thesis and joins ideas from previous paragraphs; explains how and why your proof supports your thesis; concluding sentence wraps up your argument. Tightly focused and unified structure creates a seamless flow of info.

Conclusion: Includes restatement of main ideas; imparts one final piece of wisdom. Leaves a powerful impression on the reader.

Interest Level: Very interesting and informative.

Style: No errors

APA Style: Many references from a variety of sources and citations provided using correct style

Scientific Terms: Uses term with no errors

Appearance: Neatly typed and double spaced