Ow does racism induce aggressive and addictive behavior in African American Males.

INTRODUCTIONa. racismb.aggressive and addictive behaviorc.history2.point AENVIRONMENTALa.social status/ discrimination..unemploymentpoverty3.point B4.point C follow this outline: 1.abstractpresent the question then answer it make it a well thought out statement2.what is it Im doing in this paper-why did i choose this topic3.why is this sociologically important -how does it contribute to society4.has there been any major changes in society as a result of the topic-e.g.economy,class,laws,population,law suits -give 2e.g.5.what has scholars say about this topic based on there journals-3 JOURNAL ARTICLES -2:domestic 1:international6. conduct an interview-5-8 q & a 7.authors notes should b 1 page by itself-how does this research influence ur classroom experience-answer it either indirect or directly-can u recommend anything8.what have i gotten out of this experienceRESEARCH PAPER SHOULD BE 5-8 PAGESREF PAGE MUST BE IN APA FORMATIF THERE IS A STATISTIC TELL WHERE U GOT IT FROMLIST SCHOLARS