Ow does Racism present in the Counselling Relationship? Choose an example and discuss racism and refer to Inter-cultural counselling

This module is conselling. Therefore read the question properly and answer the question accordingly. This is an overview of the question: We look at cultural and social differences in the counselling relationship, focusing on ethnic differences and working with asylum seekers, refugees, as well as disability. Does therapy need to adapt to the different needs of the clients?. Is the therapists own cultural background relevant and should it be similar to the clients? what issues do we need to consider in transference and counter-transference relationship. Note: NASIFAT is a centre devoted to what they term inter-cultural therapy. Check this address o.k. the essay must inlude introduction, body and conclusion. you can use some of this books:lago,c.(1996) race and counselling.Kareen,j.,Littlewood,r.(1992)inter-culturaltherapy:themes interpretation and practice. Eleftheriadon,z.(1994)transcultural counselling. use one or two website materialsbut not more than that o.k. journals, articles are welcome as long as they are refrence properly. give this essay to someone who has done counselling degree or study it or working in the proffession please.
havard system of referencing. each paragraph reference properly