Ow does research and theorizing on a specific topic tend to develope in social psychology? Illustrate using the example of Social facilitation”

What was outlined in the seminar(only some idea): Zajong drive theory, Cottell evaluation apprehension theory, Baron distraction-conflict theory. How these researchers and the results of their research changed/contributed social facilitation. No details of each resaerch, but include the evidence of them as well as the facts which developed the theory. Basically: How social facilitaion has been changed by resaerchers and to which extent.
Other examples would be useful wa well.
I need the essay by Thursday morning.
Everything should be cite properly, whithe the year and name of the aoutor in brackets.
References and citation: Standards used by British Psychological Society. LIst of references needed, no bibliography list.
At the beginning: amount of the words.
Any books, magazines, articles, newspapers with psychological background.
Include these: Davey, G. (2004) Complete Psychology
Baron, R.A & Byrne, D: (2002) Social Psychology