Ow does research on Knolegge managment contribute to the managment of high performance orgnisations ?

Managing High Performance Organisations

2500 words individual integrative assignment
The integrative assignment consists of a 2,500 word review of the literature on one of the themes of the teaching sequence demonstrating how this research contributes to the management of high-performance organisations.”


How does research on the Knowledge management contribute to the management of high performance organisations?”

3) Choose about 15 articles to include in your review.

For the integrative assignment, you should balance articles from these Practitionerjournals with more rigorous academic research.

You should have approximately the following mix:

1/3 Practitionerarticles: 4-6 papers from: Business Horizons, Business Strategy Review, Journal of Business Strategy, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Qtly, MIT Sloan Management Review, Startegy+Business (available online at: /portal.isiknowledge.com.ezp02.library.qut.edu.au/portal.cgi?DestAppJCR&FuncFrame), AND

Since 2001, the journal has had at least two evaluations at or near the top of the scales in the “Journal Quality List(available at: jql.htm)

What are other Goodacademic journals?
In the School of Management, our criteria for a Goodquality journal are:
The journal is referenced in the Journal Quality List
Since 2001, the journal has been evaluated on at least three scales
The majority of the evaluations were above the mid-point of the scale

Some of the journals available from the library databases are not Goodquality publications. Few people read them, the quality of the research is average. For example, the Journal of Managerial Issues, or Human Resource Planning do not qualify as Goodquality journals.

4) Organise your discussion around the themes youve picked up in your reading of the articles, not around the articles themselves.
Once you have read the articles, a number of issues should emerge. More often that not, you will be confronted with ideas and recommendations which are different from one source to the next. Your discussion should identify these issues, you should try to understand why the authors present diverging conclusions and recommendations, and you should take a stance and explain why.

Some tips about investigating divergent research conclusions:
authors may use the same word, but have different meanings
practitioner journals tend to over-simplify issues and sometimes provide recommendations based on opinion rather than fact
academic researchers sometimes conduct research that is rigorous but irrelevant to managers because they use abstractions disconnected from practical reality

You will be evaluated on the quality of your discussion, not how many references you include in your review. Hence the recommendation to select about 15 references.

A final word of advice: once you have read you references, and identified the issues for your discussion, you may want to re-visit the title of your paper!