Ow does setting (place and time) convey character and/or theme in The Chryantemumsand A jury of her Peers”?

Assignment for Documented Short Story EssayLength: 700-800 words (typed); Make sure your essay contains a clear thesis sentence, an organization to support that thesis, and grammatically complete, relevant supporting sentences. Support each point with quotations and paraphrases and use parenthesis notes after each one to give credit to your source. Include a works cited page at the end of the essay.

Primary works are the short stories that youre writing about. Secondary sources are written by scholars, critics and biographers about those stories. Include a minimum of 2 secondary sources in your paper( use in text notes) and in your works cited page.. Wikipedia and various notes like Cliff Notes or Monarch Notes are not acceptable sources. Choose peer reviewed sources from our library databases. I recommend JSTOR. If you have trouble, consult a librarian.

Before you begin, read chapter 10A pp. 500-532. Follow the MLA guidelines for internal documentation and for the Works Cited page.

Choose one topic from the three topics listed below.

1. Define symbolism. Discuss its use to develop character and/or theme in Where are you going,Where have you been?and The Yellow Wallpaper.”

2. How does setting (place and time) convey character and/or theme in The Chrysanthemumsand A Jury of Her Peers”?

3. Write an essay in which you compare Tans Two Kindsand Walkers Everyday Useas stories about clashing racial and social values. How do the narrators react to the values and ideas to which they object?

Quote generously to provide factual evidence for your claims, bring in support from other analysts (secondary sources), and document the works correctly.

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Please use option #2. Thank you!

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Please use number 2