Ow does social media affect human relationships?

To end Unit 3, you will write a 5-page argumentative synthesis essay that explores the question: How does social media affect human relationships? For this essay, you will incorporate both primary and secondary research. Your primary research will consist of three interviews in which you will question your participants about their experiences with social media. Your secondary research will consist of at least three of the essays we read this semester.

When writing this essay, you will want to use the summary and analysis skills that you learned in the previous two units in order to interpret the claims of the authors and the experiences of your participants. As you work with your sources, I want you to try to think of them all as being part of the same conversation. You will want to relate your sources to one another throughout your essay, showing where they agree and disagree with one another. In each paragraph, then, you will want to be working with two or more sources. The goal of all of this, is for you to take a position about how social media is affecting human relationships and to support that position with your sources.


MLA format
5 pages double-spaced
1a? margins
12 pt Times New Roman font


Use at least 3 of the following:
Sherry Turkles The Flight from Conversation
Stephen Marches Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”
Arnold Brownas a?Relationships, Community, and Identity in the New Virtual Societya?
Zeynep Tufekcis a?Social Medias Small, Positive Role in Human Relationshipsa?
3 personal interviews

for the 3 personal interviews the prof. asked us to write 10 questions for the essay and make an interview with people but i didnt do it so i would like you to make it up and put a fake names like Mike or Sam or anything.

The questions for the personal interview

1- What do you think about online friends? Why?
2- Do you think online websites could benefit you more friends? If yes, what would be the common matches?
3- Do you think the social media would benefit you in the relationship? Why or why not
4- Do you use the social media web sites? Why?
5- Do you think the social media websites can affect the relationships? Why?
6- Have you ever had a relationship from the social media websites?
7- Can you tell a story happened to you through using the social websites?
8- Have you ever date a male or female through the social websites? Why or why not?
9- Do you think using social websites is helpful to create a new relationship is helpful? Why
10- What do you think about being addicted to social media?
11- Tell me about a time when you using a social media at the first time
12- Tell me about a time when social media affected your relationship

the articles

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?


The Flight From Conversation


the last article will be attached

Ill attach the outline and the third article