Ow does social norms affect information and communication thru the dependency of technology?

Using the same topic that students will used to develop their Research Question assignment, students will identify key words and phrases to identify credible sources, and frame a research question. Students will then write a short paper comparing / contrasting scholarly and non-scholarly works and use appropriate documentation of sources on the topic.


1. Using the same topic that students have crafted for their Research Question assignment, students shall search for at least 5 web sites, 5 popular articles (magazines or newspapers), and 5 scholarly sources from peer-reviewed journals that relate to the topic of the Research Question.

2. The student will keep track of the list key words and phrases they have used to i??flesh outi?? the topic and what results each key word or phrase search yielded (i.e. bias, data, etc).

3. The student shall then write a brief paper (3-4 page paper in APA style including in-text citations and a reference page) in which the student explains the following:

a. How did you narrow down your topic so that you could write a concise Research Question?

b.Where did you find the most helpful information about your topic?

c. Which key words or phrases were most beneficial to finding credible sources?

d.What seemed to be the most extreme or polarizing issues of this topic?

i. What sites seem to present the most credible information?

ii. How did you determine what made a site credible?

iii. How are they different from the sites that are not as credible or more polarized?

iv. What key words or phrases led you to the more credible sites?

v. How did you narrow down your key word search?

vi. How were the scholarly sources different or similar to the internet sources?

e. What is already known or has been researched about this topic?

f. How does your Research Question fit in with what is already known about the topic? In other words, has the answer to your question already been researched? If so, explain what has been done and cite studies. If not, then explain why you think your Research Question would help fill the void.

g. Summarize what you have learned about Information Literacy and your challenges in finding good (i.e. credible) information.

The final assignment will be evaluated on the following criteria: (see the attached rubric)

1. The ability to frame a research question

2. Ability to complete the assignment on time

3. Finding an adequate number of sources (both credible and non-credible sources) so as to be able to make an intelligent judgment about the quality of the information

4. Be able to use some of the information in explaining why the research question would be a good question on which to base further study, as well as explain the polarizing issues involved in this topic

5. Accurately format the in-text citations

6. Ability to use technology (word processing) tools to format the paper according to APA requirements and use Black Board technology

***How do social norms affect decision making regarding those who are highly dependent on technology?*** second option for Research Question