Ow does sociology contribute to our understanding health inequalities ?Discuss the policy that has been developed in England to address them

Examine how health service policies respond to the influence of social relationships and social structures on the health of individuals, families and communities. on this module , Nurses will explore and develop an understanding of how sociology informs the practice of nurses and physiotherapists and they will develop the skills that will enable them to discuss and evaluate health policy regarding inequalities in health.
1. Module Outcomes: Discuss the contribution of sociology to healthcare policy and practice.

2. Examine and discuss the influence of social structures and social inequalities on individual, family and community health. (Assessed by essay assignment)

3. Review and evaluate the development of health policy focussed on health inequalities in the UK. (Assessed by essay assignment)

4. Apply a model of evaluating health policy.

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How sociology contributes to developing an understanding of health inequalities, how policy can draw on this knowledge and address health inequalities and then finally consider how the effectiveness of those policies can be judged.