Ow does Solzhenitsyn present Soviet society in his novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich?”

This is supposed to be an essay for the I.B. course and therefore has to be in a specific format:

A) ABSTRACT(presents a short synopsis of the extended essaymust not exceed 300 words. It must clearly state

” the research question being investigated

” the scope of the investigation

” the conclusion/s of the essay)


C) the body


E) The BIBLIOGRAPHY (The direct or indirect use of the words of another person, written , oral or electronic, must be acknowledged appropriately as must visual material in the essay, derived from another source. Failure to do this will be viewed as plagiarism. The bibliography or list of references should only include those works, such as

books and journals, that have been consulted by you. It is good practice to study a major style of referencing appropriate to the subject of the essay so that you

can present your references professionally. Each work consulted, regardless or whether or not it has already been cited as a reference, must be listed in the bibliography. The bibliography should specify:

author/s, title, date and place of publication, and the name of the publisher following consistently one standard method of listing sources.

To get an A the essay MUST have:

-The data gathered/generated and/or background information selected is directly relevant to the research.

-The data/information derived has been systematically and competently analysed using appropriate and correctly applied techniques.Where an evaluation is appropriate a range of interpretations have been considered and their merit appraised.

-The discussion/argument is consistently relevant to the research question (or specific issue being investigated) and is well organised and therefore easy to follow.

-The conclusion is clearly stated, is relevant to the research question and fully substantiated by the evidence presented. If appropriate, the conclusion clearly indicates unresolved questions and new questions that have emerged from the research.

-Within the Abstract, the research question, the scope of the investigation and the conclusion(s) reached are all clearly stated.

Also, the sources used must not all come from the internet and it is better to use published works.