Ow does Steinbeck show human behaviour in this passage? BOOK MICE AND MAN

Curley get his hand crushed by Lennie p69
passage analysis for in class summative

How does Steinbeck show human behaviour in this passage?

This is a very tense moment in the book which reveals a lot about human nature.

a? Curley begins in an apologetic tone -Slim is angry because Curley is so suspicious about his wife around the menhe is insecure about his new wife.

a? described like a a?terriera a small aggressive dog-another comparison between men and animals.
Curley a?glaresa..then his a?rage explodesa uncontrollable temper-animal instinct taking over. a?dirty little rata is how Slim describes him. When Lennie is crushing his hand, Curley is a?flopping like a fishahelpless, useless against Lennieas strength.

a? After event a?Curley looked down in wonder at his crushed handa wonder here shows how unbelievable it ishorrific. He avoids looking at Lennie

-Unfortunately a?still smilinga?thinking about their dream of having their own ranch. Makes him a target for Curley who thinks heas laughing at him.

a?Make them let me alone Georgea a?make them stopa
Lennie is helpless and scared, -pleading tone of voice in his appeal to George. Child-like appealing to parent.

Lennieas a?cry of terrorashows his innocencehe is afraid of whatas happening. he is non-violent by nature (he could easily beat Curley).

he is described holding up his a?pawsa huge size of his hands -like animal paws.

At the end of this chapter George said to Lennie that it was not his fault, he did not want any trouble and that he hope he could still tend the rabbits. And that suggest that he is able to reflect on the consequences of his actions and he fears losing the chance to tend rabbits.

(prince of the ranch)
He is protective of Lennie Calls Curley a?a dirty little rata? and says a?Iall finish thisa? (meaning he will finish the fight) until he is stopped by George.
Slim acts responsibly and practically in this passage

a? Although he dislikes Curley, he still takes care of him and treats him like a brother; he gets him a cup of water and sends Carlson for a doctor

To Lennie he says.a?Christ all mighty ! Iad hate to have you mad at mea? this could show Slim is impressed with Lennieas strength the men are on his side

Quick witted
Slim thinks on his feet making Curley agree to the story that his hand was a?caught in a machinea?. Curley is unlikely to say what really happened because he has been beaten by someone he considers a loser. a?I wonat tella? these short words show that Curley is in shock.
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