Ow does stress affect learning in children?

8 PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES have to be used in this assignment. The whole paper is a review, analysis of particular area of study. 8 articles about how does stress effect learning in children have to be chosen and summarized. Different theories used in research of it. Its not to present past experiment. Simply summarize major research in field. Review the literature. This is simply a review paper. No experiments. No methods, no results, no discussion sections. Introduction to paper and summaries of those 8 articles in regards to the topic chosen but should answer the question of how does stress affect learning in children. I will attach teachers instructions to what the paper should have and it explains what he is looking for in the paper. If intructions are not clear please get in touch with me ASAP! Teachers intructions have to be followed in order for this paper to be completed.
As always I cant upload the instructions so I will type them out myself
Pick an area of human learning and write a review paper of that research. It should be an area that answers an open question about how we learn. An example would be, How do children learn relational mapping for prepositions in online language use?Try and summarize in a cogent manner what the field says. What are the major theories? Explain the evidence that supports those theories.