Ow does the academic study of problem solving and thinking relate to everyday life?

Hello, I am a 3rd year psychology student who requires a written essay. Please can you look at the following assignment:

a?Write an essay indicating how the academic study of problem solving and thinking relates to everyday lifea?.

It is an integrated essay about human problem solving and thinking, and how we can relate it to everyday life situations. In the essay, I am required to provide samples from everyday life that illustrate the concepts and theories discussed throughout the course. This means what has been included in my lectures for this unit, and here is a list of the some of the lecture topics:

Analytical problem solving
Cognitive architecture
Cognitive modelling
Learning and expertise
Human reasoning

If you would like me to send you the full slides for each lecture, I can do this. The word count is 1500 for this essay, and the referencing style is Harvard. The deadline is 3rd February 2011.

I am unsure how many resources I will need to use, I donat really mind as long as they are considered enough; however, I have the following sources I think I should include because it is what we have been using at Uni:

Robertson S I. Problem Solving. (2008). 3rd Edition. Psychology
Press. Hove, East Sussex, UK.
(This is the course essential reading book so I should definately use this as a main source.)

Anderson J R. Rules of the Mind. (1993). 1st Edition. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. New Jersey, USA.

Anderson J R. (1993). Problem Solving and Learning. American Psychologist. Vol 48, pp 35-44.

I will need to use terms the course has taught such as well and ill defined problems and the IGOR model etc.

I must mention that my university uses TurnItin, I am not sure if this matters or not, but I know the lady on the phone said something about it when I was speaking to her earlier?. Thanks
Many thanks in advance.