Ow does the artwork associated with the band Radiohead challenge common ideologies in todays society?

Learning Outcomes

i) Knowledge and Understanding

By the end of the module students should:

a) have gained an ability to look beyond the  text and explore the cultural conditions from which a variety of visual media forms emerge

b) understand the constructed nature of all visual texts

c) be able to apply and focus a developing critical awareness of how visual media communicates

d) be able to communicate an understanding of the politics of representation, semiotics, ideology, hegemony, postcolonial and postmodern theory and the role of these theories for thinking about visual texts

e) be able to discuss and demonstrate an understanding and evaluation of the relationship between visual media and our sense of identity.

ii) Skills

Students should be able to demonstrate:

a) an ability to apply visual analysis and deconstruct the communication process of visual texts

b) an ability to select apposite theoretical texts and apply them to their area of study

c) research Skills, both visual and text

d) written communication, organisation and presentation skills

e) an ability to make theoretical decisions about practice choices.

Teaching and Learning Staff/student contact time (e.g. tutorials, seminars and workshops): approximately 2%

Independent study (e.g. preparing for and carrying out research for tutorials, seminars, draft and final essay): approximately 98%

Assessment 8000-10,000 word extended essay