Ow does the brand images affect customer loyalty?

the model of the research is model A(survey)
you dont do the literature review.
This research is exploring the relationship between customer loyalty and the images of companiesi??brand image).I choose IBM as my research target. Because IBM as a famous laptop brand in the world wide. It used to be the favorite laptop of business man because of its quality. when IBM got a joint venture with Lenovo in China, IBM tried to get a great profit by the brands and lower price in China. It brings more new customers for IBM, but at the same time, lose lots of regular customers. This study is useful to a company to find out the reasons from the customer perspective to help improve and develop the known and superiority of the brand.

I want to choose three groups people for my survey(I plan to produce a sample of 50 participants). One group is who used to use IBM laptop and now they are still using. The second group is now using and they didnt use the IBM laptop before IBM got a joint venture with Lenovo. The third part is people who used to use IBM and now they have given up using this brand.